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Cause of Beatification and Canonisation of Bishop Giuseppe Cognata

Oblative Spirituality

In 1933 the extraordinary Holy Year of the Redemption called and illustrated by Pius XI was in full development. At the center: the offering to the Eternal Father of Christ on the cross for the renewal of humanity.

The Oblation, as Msgr. Sister-in-law, born in the light of the divine Patient, victim offered to the good of the brothers. For a long time he carried and meditated on the prophetic announcement: "He was sacrificed because he wanted it and did not open his mouth" (Is 53,7).

At the time, therefore, of founding the "Oblates of the Sacred Heart", the spirit of the internal oblation which consumed it could not but influence the choice of the name, which had become an easy and normal transmission of the true charism of the Holy Spirit.

A spirituality that is to be lived in everyday life, for the assimilation to Christ and the fruitfulness of the daughters, whose apostolate was to be restricted to the dioceses of Calabria, but which easily extended to Italy and crossed its borders.


Foundation badges

humility, smallness, the search for the poorest places and in need of assistance and Christian formation of the people and poor and neglected youth.

"Collect the crumbs of the apostolate" thus becomes the fundamental rule of the nascent Salesian Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

Mgr. Cognata enjoys presenting Jesus to her daughters as "Divine Oblate" and "Model of Oblation". Therefore it expresses the desire that spiritual daughters be consecrated "in full Oblation" to the Heart of Christ.

The patron of the Institute

He is in love with Saint Paul, who inspires him and gives him as Protector to the Institute; and conferred on him the title of "Apostle of the Oblation and of charity"; and so he goes on to write that "charity is the distinctive feature of the Oblates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus".

"The password of the Oblation is: everything for Jesus! Everything to his glory and to the sanctification of souls". For the mystically enlightened spirit of Giuseppe Cognata, priest and bishop, "glory of the Oblation is" the holocaust of filial and generous love ", lived in the bloodless Eucharistic Sacrifice, where at the same time Jesus is Offerer and Offered, dead and victorious of death".


The Oblate is an eminently Eucharistic soul, because in the Blessed Sacrament he finds the full reality of perfect union with Jesus and the most worthy means of giving glory to the Holy Trinity.

Every day she offers herself on the Altar of Divine Sacrifice with the pure, holy and immaculate Host to be free from any stain of sin and rich in heavenly blessings.